Michele notes:

My flight arrived late Monday night, and we spent the next day and a half getting things in order to for a two week stay in San Diego.

Wednesday afternoon Barb, Mike and I travelled to San Diego. Her surgery will be at Scripps Prebys in La Jolla.

Barb said that all the texts and well wishes today made such a huge difference to her! It’s scary to have to submit to this kind of surgery, but the love of her friends and family has made her feel not so alone. If you’re a praying person, she would appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

After we settled into the hotel, we met Tammy and her husband Bob for dinner. Tammy is Barb’s health care advocate and a critical part of “team Barb.” They found Tammy during Mike’s health care crisis last November. She was invaluable during his recovery, so it was a no-brainer to have her help with Barb’s surgery. She will be here for at least the first couple days, possibly longer.

4:30am will come quickly, but I doubt any of us will get much sleep. Check back for more posts and feel free to make comments. Barb will be able to read them once she’s awake.

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