And She Walks – More
And She Walks – More

And She Walks – More

Again, Barb has shown remarkable improvement virtually every four hours. Almost all devices, cables, and tubes have been removed. This morning , the Physical Therapist came in with the goal of getting her walking. Many of the staff here that meet Barb for the first time are surprised when she stands up out of the chair without assistance. The therapist was no exception.

At this point Barb has already been able to complete a lap of the ICU (Scripps has a large ICU). And, she still has two more sessions of therapy tonight! Below, Barb completes her first full lap of the floor!


  1. Taylor Brummer

    Congratulations Barb! You look amazing!! Keep up the good work. I’m sure all of your prep up to the surgery made a huge difference in your fast recovery so good job! We are thinking of you and sending you our love!

  2. Brenda Berg

    I’ve been waiting to send my good wishes, but I have been praying all along for you while following your journey. You are strong and amazing and a fierce warrior. I know you will be a force to reckon with during your recovery. I love you to pieces and can’t wait to see you very soon. I know this is tough but I know you can do this. God bless you.

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