Lub Dub
Lub Dub

Lub Dub

Barb got a decent night’s sleep, thanks to great care by her night nurse Sarah. She seems better, clearer headed, clearer voice and cracking corny jokes. PT comes shortly and they are going to have her walk the hall for the first time. The Lub Dub in my title refers to our hope that the electrical parts of her heart start working normally. Prayers for that please! The nurse says that it takes some people longer for those things to work normally after this surgery. Let’s hope that’s the case! Barb loves to see your comments. Thanks for standing with her in solidarity! ~Michele

The pillow Barb holds to her chest when she coughs.


  1. Kim

    A good night’s sleep is a wonderful thing. I am sure Barb will be not only be much improved, but in rare comment form today. So glad to see progress and hear of great care. I am certain Barb will prevail and bounce that ICU soon. Until then, it’s great to have that higher level of attention.

    Go Barb go!!

  2. Sandi

    I love your heart pillow! I know it helps to have a “lub dub” to cushion those coughs…which are mandatory! We are so happy to see the improve and we pray for those electrical impulses return soon. ❤️you Barbiebraveheart!!

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