End of Day 6
End of Day 6

End of Day 6

It was a good day for Barb. Aside from scaling Mt. Everest (stairs), Barb performed all her physical therapy unaided, meaning no walkers and no one holding her up.

She is also at a low pain level which now appears to be controlled by Tylenol. This, of course, makes the PT easier and sleep more complete, resulting in accelerated healing. Barb is actually physically capable of leaving the hospital, except for…

Barb’s heart is still not pacing itself. At this point, even if it were to start, there is a question of future reliability. Therefore, a pacemaker is in her future. Barb has accepted this and is ready to get it done so she can leave the hospital.

Barb says that the next couple of days of boredom and waiting will be some of the hardest…



  1. Marc Heriot

    Barb, I’m both sad and happy for the pacemaker. Sad that you must have it, but happy that it is available. You have many, many happy and fulfilling days ahead. I’m thankful for medical technology that can ensure you are present for them all.

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