End of Day 6, Start of Day 7
End of Day 6, Start of Day 7

End of Day 6, Start of Day 7

Much has happened since yesterday. We are currently waiting for the EP doctor to evaluate her. I will let Barb explain, in her own words, what has occurring since last update.

“On this new floor there are many pros:

—My spine feels better on the different bed type

—There is a couch for Mike to be sleeping in the room right now

—I get a private bathroom instead of commode

—No more  7×24 BP cuff and oximeter (however I have a new telemetry box hanging off me for a total of three heavy tech appendages)

—The staff actually uses the patient whiteboard so I know names of who is prodding me every three hours

My sister and Mike were confident of care I was getting so I booted them before dinner yesterday. But when Mike walked back into the room around 7:30…

I had dinner and sat around for a while after. Someone assisted me with brushing my teeth. After I sat back in the chair and was contemplating life etc., I realized it felt like a tiny person was inside my heart randomly punching it to try to get out. I probably waited too long to push the call button but they did respond quickly. A couple nurses and three from the telemetry lab (my new appendage works!) Telemetry techs said they had been watching trying to figure it out. 

Mike walked into the panicked room with so many hovering over me playing with my technology appendages. I can’t imagine how he felt. He was worried enough he said he didn’t want do a web update until later today. He didn’t even tell my sister cause he wanted to keep me calm

Bottom line, my heart is not stable yet and they had to turn the pacemaker back on.

I was unable to get back to sleep from my last wake up so thought I’d see if my phone had a charge. We’ll see what the docs say later today. Guessing hospital might be my home for the weekend 

Wish I was golfing instead!




  1. Marc Heriot

    Beej, we love you. Hang in there. You’ll make it out soon. You are strong in spirit and your heart will follow. Sometimes an outcome that you didn’t expect can be disappointing. But in perspective, you have just survived a major surgery and you have a future with family, friends and loved ones — no matter the next few days look like.

    And a huge and continued thanks to Team Mike and Michele!

  2. Aldean

    Ditto to what Marc said… it’s often said “one day at a time” however there are times in our lives when it’s moment by moment…”one moment at a time”. You’ve got this! May peace and moments of delight fill your soul today.
    You are loved 💞

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