Day 9 continued
Day 9 continued

Day 9 continued

Update: This morning Barb had a chest xray, and a minor pinhole was discovered on her upper left lung, which probably occurred during the pacemaker implant.

As a precaution, they have stepped down Barb’s activity to help the hole heal and are going to keep Barb overnight and do another chest xray in the morning to look for evidence of healing. So Barb will not be released from the hospital tonight; instead, she has discharge orders for tomorrow pending the xray.

On the positive side, her surgeon’s PA removed all the many lines and ports connected to her for the surgery and recovery, with the exception of an IV port and EKG telemetry device. She no longer looks like a machine :-).

The hospitalist also cleared her for “sunshine therapy”, which will take place in an hour or so. Barb hasn’t been outside the walls of the hospital for 9 days, so this therapy will be a welcome respite.

As I write this update, Barb is getting a little nap before her “sunshine”. We are very hopeful that tomorrow will see Barb out of the hospital.


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