Home 🏡 in the Desert!
Home 🏡 in the Desert!

Home 🏡 in the Desert!

Today we all drove back to the desert! Barb had the last of her appointments in the morning and a last visit by the home health nurse in La Jolla at noon, then 🚙 🏁🏠

The trip back was uneventful- Barb was comfortable and we stopped a couple of times to allow some respite from the drive.

As I write this post, Barb is napping on our couch. It is already hard to believe that two weeks ago, Barb was little more than 24 hours out of surgery. There has been much progress in two weeks! Now the two to three months of recovery start, but from home.

Barb has read all of the posts and comments that we all have put on this site for her. Again, she is most grateful for the many positive comments and encouragement everyone has shared. She told me that she would start sending personal messages back soon.

There’s no place like home!


  1. Gail Whitley

    I stacked wood today. Got free wood from Redmond education hill from a post on FB market place. You are looking good. Will you have a remote device on the night stand? Tony does. They check it quarterly Aug. 22nd is his next one.

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