Day Three at Home
Day Three at Home

Day Three at Home

I have posted below a message from Barb to all who have been following her journey on this website.

“I’m so very happy to be home with such a great view outside. My walking therapy has to be indoors here, the one downside from our temporary “hotel home” where coastal temperatures allowed for outdoor walks.

Breathing isn’t getting any easier yet, guess I have a lot more work to do to get back to my baseline. Pain is mostly non-existent as long as I keep my arms close to my body. Nighttime sleep is mostly in two-hour segments. The doc warned me that would be a post-anesthesia issue and I sure hope it goes away soon. I haven’t before had trouble sleeping through the night so the constant tiredness is a challenge.

I go to visit my local cardiologist today and hopefully he will refer me to cardiac rehab. I heard there can be a long wait to get scheduled.

Looking out at the fairway and green gives me hope that I will be out there again.

My brother did a great job of putting this website together last minute and I appreciate it! Michele and Mike have been the best support system for me and have been finding foods to overcome my lack of hunger. My Nurse Advocate, Tammy, is always there for us. Thank you for following along on my journey with me.”


  1. Howard Sandra

    Welcome home! ❤️ I will call you tomorrow to see when visiting hours are(I don’t want to interrupt a good nap.)

    Oregon has been fun and very needed respite from the desert heat. We even had a sprinkling of rain and the nights are in the 60’s! I do miss the Northwest summers!

    See you soon!

  2. Michele

    Barb! I miss you! I am full steam ahead with all my moving plans – two weeks till “M” day. I think of you and pray for you throughout the day. Recovery can be a tedious journey for sure, but you WILL get stronger and stronger. Maybe we can think of a game to play via FaceTime.
    Sending more love.

  3. Dawn Dennison

    Barb, wonderdul to see you back home.
    What’s the saying..
    – “Home is where the Heart is”. That beautiful view will help be an inspiration to recover and get you back on the course. Always thinking of you, let’s chat when you’re up to it.🥰 Hugs

  4. Eleanor

    Glad your progression has been so good – does this mean you’re totally done re surgery (obviously there is all the recooperation…..). We’ve been thinking & talking about you every day – just didn’t want to get you too overwhelmed… there anything we can do to help you (or Mike) in the interim (b4 our Oct trip to PD)?

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